Treatment packages

Gill and her specialist team have developed two distinct packages that are tailored to meet new client’s needs. 

One – to – One Personalised Treatment Programme

One therapist at each of your treatments.

Based on six treatments – 6.5 hours.

The initial treatment takes 90 minutes. This covers your medical history, an introduction to CranioSacral Therapy, and we give you some tips about what you can do to help yourself. You also get a good treatment.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete a client information form or download the form and bring it along with you.

The next five sessions are 60 minutes in duration. We recommended that all of these are undertaken within the next 14 days.  Or, have a treatment whenever it suits, if this is easier. 

Treatments within a short space of time can maximise the immediate benefit for the brain. It has a much easier time recovering if it is no longer struggling with jammed up bones, membranes or other tissue. If it is a long time between treatment sessions, the time expected for recovery is longer.

30 days after your sixth treatment, we suggest that you have a follow-up treatment.

Prepay: 6 sessions $ 1070.00 GST Inclusive
Pay as you go: First treatment session $270.00 GST Inclusive
Every session after that is $180.00 GST inclusive.

I am interested in the One – to – One Personalised Treatment Programme. Please contact me.

The Concussion or Trauma Intensive Five-day Treatment Programme.

This is especially good if you have had one or more concussions, or if you have been involved in a significant accident or trauma.

One, two or more therapists will be involved in your treatment.

You will receive 40 hours treatment in five consecutive days.

The five-day consecutive treatments can help to quickly loosen cranial bones and the membranes which surround and protect your brain. We will also be working on other areas of your body. Often old injuries can hinder recovery. This concentrated treatment programme, in a condensed time frame, allows old injuries to reveal themselves. We work on these, which can aid the recovery process.

This intensive programme is ideal for all people, whether they live in Christchurch or whether they have travelled from afar for the treatment.
We recommend that you arrange to stay in quiet and restful accommodation, at your own cost. Please have no other plans or engagements. This can maximise the opportunity for your body to heal and recover.

The investment for this intensive treatment is $7200.00 GST inclusive
Prepaid 2 months prior to selected week of treatment. This is to secure the team of therapists who will be dedicated to your wellbeing during the five- day intensive treatment programme.

The following cancellation structure applies:
Cancel 3 weeks before your treatments $350.00 of your payment is retained to cover administration and preparation fees.
Cancel 2 weeks before your treatment $850.00 of your payment is retained to cover administration and therapists scheduling fees.
Cancel 1 week before you treatment $1700.00 of your payment is retained to cover monies paid to secure your intensive treatment programme.
Cancel between 7 to 1 days of your treatment $2600.00 of your payment is retained to cover all monies utilised for setting up your personalised intensive treatment programme.

I am interested in the five day intensive treatment please tell me more

“After having two consecutive sessions with Gill I woke up two days later feeling amazing and finally felt myself,…….” Elliot Adamson