Ricky Williams Foundation– ex NFL players have formed a foundation to help themselves have a better life as they age, after their dazzling careers.  They have teamed up with the institute which taught me and have so far conducted 2 years of research utilising CranioSacral therapy – outstanding results for pain, sleeping, depression and more.

News Report – NFL Concussion Treatment

5 Minute Video about Pilot Study

14 minute Video about Pilot Study including interviews with participants


Concussion is a serious injury and occurs frequently. An estimated 35,000 head injuries in New Zealand per year.

21% (7,350 injuries per year) of all head injuries in New Zealand are sustained through sport related activity.

ACC only receives claims for 6,250 of those sports related concussion injuries suggesting that 1,100 currently go untreated.

46% – (3,381 injuries per year) are classified as mild with a high risk of complications. Injuries are most frequently sustained during rugby, cycling and equestrian activities. 11% of sports related concussion claimants of ACC had multiple concussions within a 2 year period.

Evidence shows that with repeat concussion people may experience a decline in general health and quality of life.

(taken from ACC Publication on Concussion Guidelines)

“After two treatments with Gill I noticed an immediate change”….. Marg Johnston